Sunday, June 21, 2009

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Bridge

This is the bridge, the centre of it being the meeting place. The dining table is located in the centre of this platform. There is a circular piece surrounding it representing the world, the cosmos. The dining table islocated in the centre thus meaning that our cosmos lies in peolpe such as the ones that are seated upon the table.

Madonna Louise Ciccone Office Inspirations

I have chosen to relate Madonna to a form of artwork. The name given to this type of artwork is Pop Art. It consists of mono tone bright colors, depicting the image in an abstract form. To me Madonna represents entertainment, bright colors, bright colors represent happyness, and the bright mono tones represents no im perfection, a bold eye catching pure happy color, which all these descriptive words related to pop art relate to Madonna, therefore i have chosen pop art as my inspiration.

Barrack Obama Office Inspirations

My main inspiration for the office space that of barrack Obama was, his presidential victory speech. The speech's content is so powerful, emotional, moving yet humble and victorious, that similar to a war cry. This is what i am aiiming at incorparating in my work. (to view and read speech please click above image)

Peer Marking Assessment

Great work work both Phil Nguyen, and Max Hu, im very keen to see your final submissions.

Model Development ( Madonna Louise Ciccone)

A flower has the ability to symbolis the femle power, sencitivity. The office space upon being viewed upside down can replicate a jewel, another great item which symbolises beauty, women, and its great value, as ones powers are counted in there material items and gross value of their posessions.